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Transition and Call Process

Here you will find information from our Transition Team and, soon, information regarding the Call Process. Check back frequently for updates.

November: Call Committee Update
By the end of October, the Call Committee will have interviewed 4 potential pastors. If the Spirit moves them to narrow from this field, there will be follow up visits, talking with references, and some time for looking into details. They are hopeful that Advent will not only be the beginning of a new church year, but will be the season when all members of St. Stephen's are invited to meet to consider a candidate for call. Are you signed up for e-mail updates? Now is a good time to make certain you “stay in the loop”! Contact Roxanne in the office to insure you are signed up for the “Constant Contact” news.

October: Call Committee Update
Congratulations to the Call Committee upon completion of the Ministry Site profile, now approved by the Ministry Board and submitted to the Synod office! The Committee met with our Synod representative, the Rev. Steve Kottke, and has begun preparing for interviews. We are grateful for members of the congregation who have taken time to share thoughts and views with us and provided encouragement, prayers, and support. Your involvement at St. Stephen's as the fall program year begins and your ongoing prayers for this work will help us prepare well for a new pastor!
Kat Pluff, Steve Sullivan, Jon Robelia, Luke Martz, Mari Mitchell, Connie Kilmark, and
Ken Koscik

September 9, 2016 Update
We are excited to announce that we have reached a major milestone on the road to a new pastor for St. Stephen’s. We have completed the Ministry Site profile! It has since been reviewed and approved by the Ministry Board and submitted to the Synod office. Candidate referrals provided by members were also submitted to the Synod office at the same time. The next step for the Call Committee is to meet with Synod Representative, Rev. Kottke, at our meeting September 8th. This meeting will mark the start of the next phase of our task. We will discuss how to approach the review of possible candidates’ profiles, handle interviews, check references, etc. The Call Committee will also discuss with the Synod what portions of a completed MSP can be shared with the congregation. We will keep you posted.

The Call Committee is exceedingly grateful for members of the congregation that have taken time to share your thoughts and views with us, attended our congregational chats, and provided encouragement prayers and support for our shared effort up to this point. Thank you.

Mari Mitchell, Steve Sullivan, Connie Kilmark, Ken Kosick, Kat Pluff,, Jon Robelia, and Luke Martz.

September Update
From The Call Committee
What areas of ministry do you think our new pastor should give attention to immediately during the year ahead of us? Here are the tasks we propose:
• Build relationships within church and surrounding community.
• Guide the congregation in renewing its mission statement.
• Develop inspirational sermons and teachings
• Renew our commitment to education and engage with all ages - Sunday school, confirmation and adult
• Manage changes in our Sunday morning service structure to balance worship and education
And how might we support and encourage our new pastor in these responsibilities? Here are tasks we invite each of you to join us in making a commitment to:
• Introduce and invite our pastor into new and existing circles of relationships
• Engage conversation focusing on mission
• Support adequate time for study, sermon preparation and reflection.
• Recruit members to assist with the educational needs of the congregation
• Keep an open mind with positive and encouraging dialogue
We'll be interviewing people with these things in mind. Please keep all of us (including the candidates) in your prayers.
Sincerely, Kat Pluff, Steve Sullivan, Jon Robelia, Luke Martz, Mari Mitchell, Connie Kilmark, and Ken Kosick

Call Committee

The Transition Team appointed in September, 2015 completed its in-depth study of the structure and ministries of St. Stephen’s and gathered important data from members. In January, the Ministry Board received their report with thanksgiving and committed to using it as a guide for future staffing needs.

Connie Kilmark, Ken Koscik, Luke Martz, Kat Pluff, Jonathan Robelia, Steve Sullivan and youth member Mari Mitchell have now been appointed to serve as St. Stephen’s Call Committee to search for a Senior Pastor. They are tasked with the duty of developing a Ministry Site Profile, screening pastoral candidates and recommending a candidate to the Ministry Board and ultimately to the congregation for vote. We anticipate their work will continue a fruitful time of consensus building and discernment about the future God is calling us to.

More news soon about how the work of organizational transition and pastoral call will continue!

Transition Final Report
Transition Team Report
Click the image to download the report.

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